Triumph Foods is a leading processor of premium pork products worldwide. As a producer-owned company that began operations in St. Joseph, Mo., in January 2006, the company connects every step between farms and family tables around the world. With its state-of-the-art facility, Triumph employs more than 2,800 workers and produces more than 1.5 billion pounds of pork annually. As part of a uniquely connected food system, the company and its strategic partner, Seaboard Foods, jointly own Daily's' Premium Meats, which produces and markets raw and precooked bacon, ham and sausage. In May 2015, Triumph Foods and Seaboard Foods announced the construction of a joint venture pork processing plant, Seaboard Triumph Foods, which began operations in Sioux City, Iowa, in September 2017. Seaboard Foods markets and sells fresh pork products produced by the St. Joseph and Sioux City plants under the PrairieFresh' Premium Pork and Seaboard Farms' brands.'

Triumph Foods, St. Joseph, Missouri

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Dally's Premium Meats ' St. Joseph, Missouri Daily's Premium Meats ' Salt Lake City, Utah

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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (Jan. 3, 2006) ' On Tuesday, January 3rd, Triumph Foods announced the opening of its new, state-of-the-art pork processing facility in St. Joseph, Missouri.

'Despite an unfortunate accident that occurred at the construction site on October 12th, this new facility has begun operations in record time,' said Mark Campbell, Triumph Foods' Chief Operating Officer.

The plant has started operations with more than 500 employees, almost 85% of which are from St. Joseph. 'The response to our employment ads has been excellent,' according to Campbell. 'A high percentage of our employees, both hourly and the salaried and clerical employees, are from the St. Joseph area.' Triumph Foods will continue to hire additional employees as it ramps up the operating volume. Within 18 months, Triumph expects to employ more than 1,000 workers.

Costing more than $130 million and covering 630,000 square feet, the facility is one of the largest and most impressive that has ever been built. 'We are very pleased with the efficient layout and design of the plant,' said Rick Hoffman, Triumph Foods' Chief Executive Officer. A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc. of Chicago, Ill., designed and engineered the facility, and also managed the construction.

'The design of our plant and coordinated production system, providing strict control over genetics, nutrition, environment and animal handling practices, will contribute to the Company's commitment to superb meat quality and consistency,' said Hoffman.

The products from the plant will be USDA Process Verified for meat quality, animal handling and source verification. The new plant contains a USDA Process Verified proprietary quick chill system for improved meat quality attributes like color, texture and moisture holding capacity. The animal handling facilities were evaluated and approved by world renowned animal welfare expert, Dr. Temple Grandin. In addition, the plant contains a source verification system allowing for boxed products to be traced to source farms.

Triumph Foods is a pork processing company headquartered in St. Joseph, Mo. The company has previously announced plans to expand processing operations in East Moline, Ill.

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